Aug. 10th, 2009 at 11:01 PM

We almost got in a couple of fights today. He didn’t actually kick my ass though so, I guess it was a good one.

The first one is when I drank halp his rockstar (that I bought). becasue I was really tired because I couldn’t sleep and because he told the baby and I to leave the room if he was going to cry.

He took water and poured it on the keybord. Then he tells me to take the batteries out. I don’t. i told hem i didn’t know how.

then he gets pissed and tries to act like its all my fault. I hate that shit. Then I buy him tires and pizza and then he comes home and buys another tire because they gave him the wrong one.

so then he gets drunk. and starts acting all gangster because one of his friends got put in jail because they get in a fight trying to defend some woman getting her ass kicked. all like we’re going to get him. blah blah.

I really wish I didn’t sorda believe he could/would do it.


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