Obviously this is an old post. It is about my Ex – baby daddy. It was written a couple days before he beat me up the 4th time. The 5th time is when I finally left. The 4th time is when I think he fractured my ribs. though I didn’t know he did at the time. It was a scary time for me this may be hard to read, it was hard for me to read.
  • Aug. 26th, 2009 at 11:47 PM

It was a tough one. after days of not getting enough sleep and him acting like an ass hole, i was finally at my breaking point. He went to his drunken work friends again, got drunk again, started being an ass hole again.
I hate him so much. He told me he did want to be with me anymore, he also said he was going to take the baby. He said he was recording the conversation. I don’t trust him.

I’m afraid of what my son would trun him into if he was taken from me. I’m afraid with me here, god only knows what would happen if i wasn’t here. He terrifies me. I left for a while. I was going to my mom’s I wished we could leave and not come back. then he called after i got there and i had to come home eventually. i ran into him as I was walking home. He was fine till we got inside. then he started on the do you want to be my girlfriend and I don’t even like you, but I love you. he always says that kind of stuff.

I’m so afraid, I’m constantly afraid. I’m afraid of what he’ll do and what he’ll say. i’m afraid to leave and afraid to stay. but he has been making me so angry lately that I want to go mad. I like want to punch him and scream. he pushes and pushes and pushes. He wants an excuse, he wants a reason to beat me. I just want him to leave and never come back. I wish he’d let us go. but he never will. I’ll take anything. an accedent, jail, brain damage. I don’t care, i just don’t want to have to be afraid for myself and my son anymore.

I wish someone like his one friend lived with us. anyone who could protect us lived with us. God i’m to afraid, and i’m so sick of it. I wish he would get away from by baby, my faimily and me.


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