what’s up today

My son and I have been sick for the last week so it’s been hard to log on. It took me about 4 days to get through day 4.

I actually really like this program. This is probably the only positive influences i have in my life. It’s definitely the only thing in my life that is thinking of me first. The only thing that encourages me to do whats best for me and my life. It’s great to have “someone around without an agenda.

I know if i keep coming back my life will improve because it’s getting better everyday.

Other than that, I actually have been a little depressed. My sons dad and ex is on my case about us getting back together. I still feel very much under his control.

I wish I could live alone with my son. I feel like I can’t disappoint him or my mother. Not because I care what they think of my choices, but because they are both very good at castizing me, making me feel guilty and generally making me wish I was dead rather than have to listen to them or deal with how they are going to act.


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