Blog Notes

This is for me, but it is for you the world. I want and need an outlet. A place to write everything where no one knows who I am. What will be here? Everything I want. Thoughts, dreams, poems, reality and fantasy in my life.

Why? like I said I need an outlet, I like feedback and I want to feel like I’m sharing something. Even if what I’m sharing can’t be known. I tend to say things I shouldn’t. You know that one friend you tell everything too. But they then go and say the wrong thing to the wrong person. It’s not to be mean it’s just that they don’t realize or can’t help themselves. Well that’s me. Really bad at keeping secrets, even though people tell them to me quite a bit.

Maybe it’s because I’m not really judgmental, well that’s not exactly true, I am very accepting and I won’t make you feel bad. Even if I don’t approve of what is being said or done.

It’s ironic that I start this today New Years Eve. It’s not because of that, it’s actually because of a movie I watched last night.

So this is my story. Love me or hate me, hello.


One response to “Blog Notes

  1. Haha I also started a blog, well yesterday on tumblr, but then moved here today to post it as well. I have the same thoughtsthough– I want my blog to also be interactive and get feedback (:

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