Goals for the New Year

This is a list of things I want in the new year below it is also a list of things I’d like to banish/get rid of/get over/leave behind/ in the new year.

  • a place to live that isn’t with the ex or my mother
  • my licence back
  • a car
  • to see my friends more
  • to make more money
  • to work on my education an what ever way improves my life
  • to be more spiritual
  • to find a online therapist
  • to find some resolution to my relationship with ex baby daddy
  • to find some resolution with my recent obcession aka C, another ex’s friend
  • to find at least 10 things I enjoy doing
  • to find at least 50 things that make me happy
  • be more independent
  • to be a better parent (not that I’m a bad one, but can’t you always be better?)

Now What I want to let to of

  • My fear of failure
  • my fear of success
  • my obsession with the past (though I understand it)
  • my dependence on other people

computer battery almost dead so more later


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