Day 1 Poem 1

Ok so part of my posting here is about writing. I like to write. I may love to write. A few years ago I found a blog of a long lost friend. He was writing a play a day. I’ve tried this before and failed but that just means I needed to make some changes.

The main change is that I’m going to try and write something creative every day. Something besides my journaling blog post. These could be poems, stories, any part of a story (like character development), a review of something, or just my commentary of something I’m watching. I may not post all things on the day, but I will be honest about what day things were written.

Poems are my ease. I’ve been writing them since i was alittle kid. Willy Nelson said once that lyrics where everywhere. They just floated by and all you had to do was pluck them out of the sky. (ok that may not be the direct quote, but you get the idea)

I understand that. I do that. Sometimes its almost like a trance. And here we go.

I write these words,

For the world to see,

Little do they know, if I hadden’t put them down,

They would be a mystery.

The past and the future are all that we see.

Don’t forget to think about now, and all that it can be.

Because like these words, right now is present,

Now write your mystery.


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