Something Old, Something New

I learned something new today. I have 2 usb ports on my netbook. This means I can now keep my laptop plugged in while I work, NO MORE DEAD BATTERY!!!!

I’m not going to explain how big of a deal this has been for me, but really it’s been crazy inconvenient. So yes I’m happy. My mom was also asleep for most of the day, so another plus. I also only had to go see my ex-baby daddy once for about 20 mins. All VERY good things for me.

I’m considering hooking this account up with my ping account, but I may not. I do post things on Ping that tell who I am, so not really what I want for this.

I got an email on facebook from an old friend. He is one of my “flings” (i’m starting to consider a new name because I’m not sure if fling is really the best word). He lasted 5 yrs. It was almost longer than my longest real relationship. That freaked me out. Only one of the reasons I broke things off though.

He was wandering about me, I’ve been acting out a little bit on there lately. Another reason why I started this. Nobody wants to hear about someone bitching all the time.

totally off the subject but i want to take a detour. I was thinking about the ways people test the people around them. My ex-baby daddy, was bad about that. He would make tests out of anything and everything. Anyway, I was thinking that I don’t test people, but actually I do. I test people by being myself. If I’m totally myself and you still “love” me then hey you’re a keeper.

So back to the point, how did he put it, that my cynicism was a great match to his bad attitude. He missed me and is still thinking of me. He’s married though so, no real romance potential.

I’d love to hang out with him, but I don’t know if it’s really a good idea. I don’t know if he’ll be able to handle it. He makes me ponder him. I sit and wonder why he would rush into a marriage and having a baby. I wonder why he still wants to see me. to be with me and maybe risk all that.

Are you beginning to understand why he was a fling? He was one of my best friends ever though. We had some great times. Both in and out of the bedroom. So until I choose to change the groups title we will call him fling-concert guy, because we went to a lot of concerts together.

Ok that’s it for now.


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