Thur Jan 13, 2010

I’m sure there are things that should’t be said. And I’m sure I’ll say a lot of them. Wow I gotta actually get drunk and write on here once and a while.

People think I’m a badass. I mean in that I’ll kick your butt kind of way. So very strange. At least at this point in my life when I feel like everyone is trying to kick me. I can see where I got my fight. And the inflated ego.

If it wasn’t for all that. I would have been crushed long ago. I will always thank some very special people and groups for that. Ex- first love, ex- band guy, the whole scene in that little-big town I love. Without you I may have been that mousy brown haired girl forever.

today sucked. But the last 2 hours have been great. I’m really tempted to take a few shots of rum and … i want to sleep, but I want to keep going. I’m starting to remember who I was, who I am.

I need to dig, dig deep and find the power. Go she-RA hehehehehe

Smart ass. I miss being fearless.

This isn’t fearless. This is easy, I’m hidden behind code names and internet damn can’t think of the word. Anyway, no fearless would be putting my name to this. Fearless is doing what you want, regardless of who tells you not to. Fearless is falling in love regardless of who it is. Fearless is telling people what you really think.

Maybe one day…we’ll have to see…

; )


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