Sat night

it’s kinda depressing that no one is looking at this. I know it’s for me. but I want people to look at it.

I want to share the pain. LOL
Is it wrong to look at other peoples blogs and comment on them just for the purpose that you may get more traffic that way?

I might feel a little guilty, but not much. I should start doing movie reviews and stuff like that. It may be interesting.

I keep forgetting that I have this thing hooked up to my phone email now. I can do little updates from anywhere.

I saw ex- baby daddy and his daughter today. It was after my mom bitched at me and made me cry.

She told me I should start thinking about living with him because that’s where I do all my work and spend all my time. So not true. She just really enjoys making me feel bad.

I was walking down the street crying, pushing the baby in the stroller. I pray that I get out of here soon.

she of course was better after I got home 3 hours later.

I finished my first email counseling email tonight. It was just a bunch of questions about some of my issues.

A few days ago I found a binder that had a list of all the guys I’d slept with as of about 5 years ago. I added 5 more to the list. It’s funny that after making the list I totally lost track. even a mental list.

I was able to think of the 5, but to be honest there may be more. Other interesting facts. 2 of the guys I have no idea what their name is. Two other guys have names, but I have no idea who they are. And about 4 of the guys I remembered i’d slept with when I was their names, but i’d forgotten about before then.

Is now a good time to say I’ve had a couple one night stands? I mean if you’ve slept with 35 people in the last 20 yrs you’re sure to forget a few right?


Anyway. I was going to write down some questions from this book i’m supposed to be reading. Can’t find it in the dark though. And The baby is asleep and I don’t want to risk waking him.

ahh another time, another place. Good night


3 responses to “Sat night

  1. I just thought I would let you in on a secret, I am totally subscribed and read every post you make (:

  2. Oh no, I completely understand. I have been having the same issues with keeping up with mine as well.. Not by a baby, but with a puppy. Kind of the same thing LOL. Well.. the taking care of it part. You know? both require attention and constant looking after. Feeding, cleaning, playing, bonding, training. Though a baby might be a tad difficult. I wouldn’t know, though. So don’t sweat it (:

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