wed night

today was different. went out with my friend to run errends. this is usually fun even if we get tired by the end. and our boys get to play. well this time it was very stressfull. i kept having to watch the cranky kids while she went in to do things. when i did mine they were asleep. oh well. got a printer so i can start printing out life coaching stuff for ex- bd. and got the coolest ear buds for my iphone. they are really little & go in the ear canal. they sound so much better than all the other head phones ive used!!! im pretty much a music freak. i wish i could buy more or get more. oh well. im getting really restless about not having much money. for now im going to look for a cheep phone to hook up. once i do that i can start looking for more clients. ok. im outta here. sorryabout the formatting and spelling. sent this in from my phone & i cant remember all the codes. xoxo


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