have I been forgetting something?

Life has been chaotic. Things have settled down a bit. though i have still been busy. tue went to dr appt with ex – bd. His leg is healing well. All in all it was a good day. of course no one threatened me or called me worthless so…
today was pretty nice too. went shopping with mom and baby all day. No like for 5 hours.

And the funny thing we only went 4 places. spent about 250. Could be a lot worse. but I hate spending that much in one day.

Oh well it was all pretty much needed or will be eaten. good investments I guess.

Going back to ex – bd tomorrow. maybe a short trip though. only a few hours. I’ve got lots to do around here then may go out with my friend on fri so the boys can play.

all depends on how i’m feeling. I’m really congested and have a bad cough at the moment.

Ok i just wanted to do a quick update when I realized I hadn’t written in a few days.


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