tripping out over dream

right before i woke up i had a dream that i woke up with my ex – baby daddy. i was feeling frisky so i started making out with him. this is strange because most times i dont even want to french him. after a second he stops me and asks if this was planned. i quickly say no and start on his neck again. another min goes by then he pushes me away. he gets all pouty and says what will happen? after this am i just going to go back to being chopped liver? this is where it starts to get really strange. i look at him and ex – bd is in my ex – 1st love’s body. i’m not sure how i get out of that one maybe “fine what ever” & duck to the bathroom. that is where i start in implode. what the fuck? how, why, where…. what the fuck is he doing in that body. wow didnt realize my 1st was that much sexier to me. obviously upon waking at that point ii was still confused & tripped out. it even smelled like my 1st. it was all crazy.


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