my weekend

friday was my friend 4-ever’s birthday. after running around for most of the day i got home & started getting ready to go. she was coming to get me in an hour. ex – bd called & i had todeal with oh you’re flaking on me, blah blah guilt trip. then instead of supporting or symathising with me mom makes matters worse by yelling at me. i jusy wanted to hide to scream to disapear. the remainder Of the night was ok. not great her kkids being bratty, the dog nipping at baby, & baby being a general pain in the ass. he was starting to get a little sick. it was ok though. Sat. Was sleepy. tooka nap. When i got up had to deal with ex – bd being all emotional. The this isnt working for me thing. Oh im sick of it. Did laundry at his house & visited. Been arguing with mom most of today. She has been talking all day. Like the bitch wont shut up. She was ina bad mood because she got flaked on by my aunt.Why she expects anything else from that bitch is beyond me. At least when she’s drinking. I have got to get out of here!!!!!!!!!!


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