Feeling kinda icky right now. Nothing is fun, my mom is a bitch. My ex is annoying. I think there is something i need to do, but at the moment I’m sitting in a dark room waiting for my son to wake up.

Is it fear or common since that keeps me from making the calls that will land me in a shared living environment?

One of my aunts used to rent rooms out to people. That alone has got me a little scared of the process. I can’t stand the idea of living with someone who ends up being weird. Though I think it’s more fear. Fear depression… what will it take to get me to move on?

I’d like my license and a car. that would be really nice. I may have my license back before the end of the week. I really can’t wait. I think I’ll put 150 on it before I get the rest of the money. Then starts the car fund. Maybe I can get that one car from my mom’s friend.

$400 is a good deal. I just wonder how much is wrong with it. Will it pass a smog, does it run, if so how well. Although if I can get a year or even 6 months out of it… that would be worth it.  🙂

I am going to do an experiment. I know another. The most views have been on posts when I have either looked and posted on other blogs or when Ive put in swear words.  so below is my experiment. I’ll tell you how it goes

So this fucking chic tries to get my man. well I told her to go …



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