spending time in hell

im depressed. even though im not ever alone i feel so alone. this thing with my ex getting a new girlfriend is killing me. i never realized that he took so much of my time & energy. i feel so abandonded. he got his tax check & i havent heard from him. off spending time & money on other people.

i just dont get why i feel like ive been broke up with.


One response to “spending time in hell

  1. “even though not alone one feels so alone.” These words are true, do not lose hope. If one moves on so quickly with someone else do not wait for him you should find someone else…I judge you not, these are just thoughts.

    I know not of your life except this post…but do not you see? You can be what you want to be? There is no world that you must stay in…the world is yours to make in. You must remember your sense of adventure. Ask yourself, is there not more? then go out and open a new door. These words may seem like they lie, but they do not, it is the world that has lied to you and made you feel there is nothing to you.

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