i keep looking at my phone wishing for some escape. a phone call or text message ive missed. something to take me away from my moms bitching & moaning. she asks a question and i give her an answer. she doesnt like the answer so she asks again. i try to explain a different way. she asks again. i get frustrated and snippty going to either the quickest answer or longest. we argue. she insults me. i say this is why i need to move she insults me some more. i stop she stops. she wonders around the house saying help me to the baby and owe ang growning. will she do anything to help herself? no she just moans & groans & complains.

i want to dissapear, to at least leave the room, but baby wont come with me & when i think i can go & do i usually come back to something bad. The baby in a puddle of tea or the garbage sometimes eating some candy.

now she keeps saying crazy styff dont forget me baby boo, i wont forget you. Now im waco because i said somethin i bought was desert. She asked are you eating this tonight amd on and on.

im stupid im crazy and shes the one walking aroun with only one sandal on & socks that dont match. Thinking my friend came in when she never did. Every rhing she says and does makes me want to beat her ass. I cant stand her she is literly driving me crazy


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