just another day

Things have been a little better the last few days. I’m playing with the idea of moving back in with my ex – baby daddy.

Yeah I know crazy change of heart. we’ve even had sex a few times, and I liked it. I am just worried that it’s too soon. I wish i could get out of here for a while first. just a month or two to get my head on straight.

I’m really confused and angry. and right at this second hungry. I may have to go find a snack in a moment. which is ok I guess since I didn’t have a big dinner.

I’m just really sick of living with my mom. she lets my sister come in here are jepordise everything. stuff that I would be flattened for she gets away with. I don’t know why. well yes I do. but none of them are good enough to let her get away with this shit.

And tv. I picked a movie i wanted to watch. she was doing stuff so i didnt think she’d mind. she bitches about it. so i leave it on where it was. not only does she not sit down to watch anything, i end up having to watch this crap. I should have just changed the channel, but that’s how it is with her.

I hate it here. i’m just so afraid of what I might be walking into there. will it really be better or just different? I don’t know and I pray every night for help, guidance and strength.


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