do I have to put a title?

Having another really hard day. The people around me are getting on my last nerve. I’m going to have to start living off nothing, spending no extra money.

I’m getting what I need to start my business too. Fuck it I desperately need more money.

It’s starting to get warmer and I can just bring my book to work out of everywhere I go. I can update it either on the go or when I do finally get home.

All I know is that I really can’t take this anymore.

I also really don’t think I can move back in with my ex. he is bugging the hell out of me. and I know he won’t stop drinking and he doesn’t want to get the 2-bdroom.

I’ll figure all this out eventually. I just gotta get some time alone where I can work some things out.

Every night it’s something with my mom. she bitches about me not doing anything. well treat me kindly with a little respect and quite doing things that make me want to flee your presence and maybe I’d do something.

And my ex- baby daddy is full of false promises. I know that’s not going to work. I don’t even feel like trying any more to be honest.


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