Truth and adverse

I don’t know why I named this that, but it popped in my head so there it is.

St. Patrick’s day. Has been a favorite time of mine for a very long time. No real stresses. Food and drink sometimes family and friends.

Do I really like the story behind it? no. I’m Pagan so this guy is actually my enemy. But much like other Cristian holidays I take more of the “hallmark” view of it or change it into it’s original form, the pagan form.

So far a good day, though the baby has just taken a 3 1/2 hour nap…

I also found out that I probably screwed something up on my lap top. I’ll have to look into how to fix that.

All in all it has been a good day though. I’m about to go drink my first beer of the day (and probably my last) and wait for my mom to get home so we can eat dinner. soon i’m gonna just wake this little guy up. He didn’t sleep much last night, but I do want him to sleep tonight.


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