March 18, 2010

Had a pretty good day today. Well that’s not really true. On some levels it was a good day on others it was a really bad one.

I woke up in a really bad mood. Then my sister and I got in a little fight. It was about her throwing stuff away. I know sounds petty, but she has been doing this for weeks. We have a very small can to throw stuff in. And she was throwing out some of my stuff. Some of it was my stuff.

it was a generally stressful day. That night we went to Spegetti Factory. That was kinda fun but mostly chaos.

My ex – baby daddy scared me that day. He was joking I knew he was joking, but behind most jokes is a bit of truth. He was talking about about taking the baby again. But we talked. we got over that.

I keep trying to update this but things get in the way short bursts constantly may be a better way to go. I might start keeping this and my facebook together. maybe my twitter would be better. Just disconnect myspace. Yes I have them all and use them in various degrees….


One response to “March 18, 2010

  1. Aww wow so much drama hope everything gets better

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