another day

I’ve had a nice couple of days, which if you read this blog, you know is great for me.

My mom is house/dog sitting about 30 mins away. Not far, but far enough that she isn’t here most of the time. My sister is, but we won’t focus on her annoying ass.

Easter was really nice. Spent the night at baby daddy’s. When we woke up he went out and hid Easter Eggs for the baby to find all over the front room. Unfortunately because of weather, that was his only easter egg hunt. but that’s ok.

We stayed with him until about 2, then went with my mom. The house she is staying at is cool. It’s really just a normal house, nothing special, but kinda big. What made it great was the view. You where high up on this hill and saw the freeway. There was something about being able to see it (well it is in a woodsy area), and hear the cars that made the view that much better.

I know as I write it I think I’m crazy to think that way. I guess I’m really just a city girl at heart.

Today was really nice also, alone most of the day, got paid, working on me. Which means tomorrow I’ll have to spend a little time on the house and doing laundry. But at least I’m making headway, and right now that’s what’s really important. If I can just get her to stay away another day or so I think I can get my self organized and things together. here’s to hoping LOL


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