question, but not a question

Is it wrong that I really love the “rock n roll” lifestyle?

Now I was never in a band, nor have I been on tour. I have gone to more local shows and concerts than most people ever will though.

I loved it. I loved going out and seeing people. Sometimes there were people you knew you’d see at a certain show, other times it would be the last person you’d ever expect.

There were the bar regulars and the band regulars. At some points it was almost like family. Or at least really good friends.

You’d get used to seeing people there and miss them if they weren’t, even if you didn’t know their name.

Then there was the romance and drama. The crushes, and heartbreak. Going out thinking maybe they’d be there tonight or maybe you’d meet a new one.

Hanging out with people that you didn’t even realize you had a crush on until that fateful moment when you kissed. Or the drama when you stopped…

Some people are happy with their home life. Happy to be out of the craziness. I don’t think I’ll ever be. I miss it all so much. I miss the feeling of being alive.

The good, the great, the bad and the ugly. From bands to people to emotions it was all there.

Some left their heat in San Francisco, I left mine in the crowd at a show.


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