wondering if

I’m so pissed off right now. So fucking sick and tired of him disrespecting me. I asked him not to drink as much. But he still does. well he drinks less as far as days, but he still drinks till he passes out. then he gets all sloppy drunk and wants to have sex.

nasty, I hate having sex when he’s like that. It’s no fun for me. then when I tell him no. Or god forbid I’m alseep and he wakes me up and I still won’t he gets all mean and says things like he’s going to go fuck one of the neighbors. Or to get my stuff and get out.

He is a peice of shit when he is drinking. I’m so pissed at the moment that I’m actually drinking a beer to try and calm down. Which I never do. it’s a little after 10 and he’s driven me to drink. fuck this shit!!!!!!!

looks like i’m going to have to have yet another talk with him. Sorry shit head that he is.


2 responses to “wondering if

  1. threefifteenam

    Hey there…randomly wandered onto your blog..Gosh…you know you need to get out, right? No one was born to put up with stuff like that…

    • I know. I’m in a strange place right now. Part of me knows I need to leave, part of me if following the old patterns of giving everyone a second chance (because I’m a leaver), and another part is just waiting. Waiting for shit to go bad, so when I leave this time I can say you didn’t change and you won’t, you don’t get another chance.

      I know it sounds insane. sometimes I think I am. lol

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