Things have been good or at least better the last few days. He has the since to know that I will leave if he doesn’t stop his bullshit.

He did drink too much this weekend. He was nice though. At least nice as hiss ass hole ass can be.

Took off on Fathers day to go fish. which hey it’s fathers day, you wanna go fish I guess it’s your right.

Then he said he’d make it up to us, and guess what he gets called into work.

And I’m going broke I don’t know where all the money is going, but it’s going gone. I’e been having to dip into my secret savings.

I really gotta get on finding a way to make more money. Once my unemployment runs out I’ll be up a creek.

I’m actually kinda shocked that no one has figured out that i’m getting twice what I’m saying i’m getting.

My boyfriend is getting a little ify about things i’m hiding or doing behind his back. Not that I’m doing anything bad, at least anything that I don’t have to do. I can’t just let everyone take everything from me. They’d take everything I have. Him, my mom, my sister.

I’m still just waiting, I know this won’t work, I know he will fuck it up. When that happens I need some money so I’m not stuck at my mom’s house. God love her, but I can’t live with her. And I’ll kick my sisters ass if she starts her shit again.

ok enough for now.


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