drunk bastard

this asshole tells me he hates me, that if the baby doesn’t come to him he will smash him. then he says he’s done. he says that if i don’t go to the concert he is taking some blond in our building and that she will be his new roommate. I got a little voice recording of it, but not of that part. the part i got wasn’t that bad. after it was all said he told me he was kidding. he also says he loves me but loves the baby more.

I’m going to get a voice recorder so I can record all the shit he says. a little hidden camera would be great too. i need something discreet that I can turn on and hide easily. and that I can leave on so that I can start it before he gets here and just leave it on for hours if needed. what ever it takes to remember.

what ever it takes to get me out of here. He doesn’t know why he wanted us back, well I don’t know why I’m here.


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