it’s been ok

We’ve had a few sober nights. Things have been pretty good. He’s drinking today. Not what i’d like of course, but here’ is to hoping things stay ok. My little munchkin is asleep at my feet. So sweet and wonderful.

I love that kid.

I haven’t been sleeping well, but not because of that. Sometimes it’s because the baby sleeps with us. that night I actually got out of bed and slept on the couch. That happens a lot lately.

Last night, I lost the covers. I tried to get them back from him, but well last time i tried that I got yelled at. I grabbed the little blanket I brought from my mom’s.

I’m hanging out with my mom tomorrow. She’s been having a hard time lately. My sister is well not fun.

And my mom actually isn’t that fun either. at least not when she’s on one.

Been feeling rather manic lately. At least manic for me. Might be more about taking my vitamins or about my shitty sleeping.

It’s early now though and I could go to sleep at the moment.

well I guess we will see what happens.


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