consistance is not one of my strong points. it was all summed up in a game of bowling one day many many years ago.

Every time I bowled a strike, my next throw was a gutter ball. “The only thing you can do consistently is be inconsistent. I was hoping this blog may help with that a little. and follow though.

Has it? I don’t really think so, but I think it’s a good thing either way.

Tried to hook up some fonts, but don’t really know how to make that work. and it i wanted to get this in tonight, well, it wasn’t going to happen.

is it normal that my boyfriend disgusts me a majority of the time?

is it normal that I have many secrets from him?

I had to ask myself the question tonight. If i had the chance like he does to hang out with people I like, and do things I like to do would I rather hang out with them than him?

Depending on the exact senerio it was sometimes yes and sometimes no. Is it fair if the person is my best friend? Or does it have to be random people? decisions decisions.

to be honest most of the time it was the friends who won out, but not always. most of the time I’d rather be home with my son. not him, but my son.

God knows where this will all end. I’m going to get some mini video equipment soon. might just get a recording device (for voices). I might get a video recorder.

I want to have proof. I want to be able to show him how awlful he is and how much he hurts me. or at least have the proof of what he is, in case I ever need to fight for my son.


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