Things have been better

A relatively nice couple of nights has been interrupted by ass hole throwing a fit. I’m not feeling well right now. its gas antacid, constipation and hemlocks I think. But what ever I feel dizzy have had heart burn and a few other symptoms.

Then hell a late he decides to drink always bad. Then I found out a friend of mine died tonight. We were close in high school, but really had dent been since. Any way he felt bad because this guy had tried to be his friend on facebook,but he had ignored him. A few times.

So ass hole had thought I wanted to have sex because I had kidding said oh well I guess that means I don’t get any tonight ( this was after we had been taking about the hems & the bleeding. But he did say as he was going to sleep that he was going to leave tomorrow & not come home. Then something about land do you know where they will find me…

Personally I was thinking I’m not that lucky.

Things are going ok on the novel writing. I’m way off of what I should be to actually make the 55k words, but I’m inspired. I think ill take this as inspiration. I’ll do what I can. My goal won’t be the word count, but to write at least a little every day.

If I had the time and opportunity I think I could write a lot of this easily. Unfortunately I have motherly duties, cleaning, cooking, online games and socializing ( that’s what keeps me sane) to also do.

And believe me not nearly enough of any of it gets done most of the time. Speaking of I’m sleeping on the couch tonight & really need to try & get some sleep.

Maybe an update tomorrow, prob a call in lol

He didn’t really threaten me
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