Hoping for tomorrow

He has been drinking a lot lately. I looked up his average BAC (using what & how much he usually drinks & approx lbs etc. ) It is around .22

Sometimes its more, sometimes I’m not sure how he can drink so much & not go into a coma.

His mom got in touch with him for the first time in years today. Everything was ok till he drank the last 2 beers from the 12 pack he bought while out fishing. He started to get obnoxious about the baby & I accidentally re breaking the 10 year old fake tree.

I asked him please not to get into it tonight. He dropped it & went to bed. Maybe he was telling the truth when he said he’d be nicer now. I figure it will wear off quickly.

I mean its had to trust someone who has been as fucked up to me as he has. The thing is that I’m never quite sure if he knows how much of a dick he is. At times I knows he knows, but other times…

On to other news I got my unemployment checks. Everyone already has their hands out. I just made a promise to myself that one is going to be put away again. This one will not be touched. Not the way he has been acting, not with what he’s been saying.

Well we will see what happens
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