A dream

Do you ever have dreams where the facial features of a major player are obscured? I do, I do all the time.

But the night before last I saw a face. It was the face of an angel, the perfectly blended mix of 3 of my big loves & this hot guy from tv.

My most like me bestie & I were in it. I’m not sure why we were there but it was playing out like a dare gone to far. We were in bras and btw had perfect bodies with huge (we are both D’s naturally so huge) bOObs (they were real). & we are talking 18 year olds titts nine & perky lol

Anyway he was using mine as a pillow & she sorta had hers in his stomach or chest. She & I would move around from time to time. The guy was like a mix of a deer caught in headlights, a kid in a candy store & a guy about to jump out of the snake pit.

We’d occasionally tease him about being so nervous with us. Before anything got too good the bay woke me up. I spent 30 mins trying to find him again, but couldn’t. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®


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