Its going too far

He started drinking early today & got shot faced twice. He snuck & did a shot in the bathroom. I’m not sure what else he drank that I didn’t know about.

The first time he just went to sleep. The second time I made the mistake of getting in his face.

Because he hit our son hard across the face with a wrapping paper tube. Yes our almost 3 year old had been hitting him with it, but is THAT an excuse?

His temple, the side of his eye & his cheek were all red & a little puffy.

I was livid & told him to go to sleep that what he had done was wrong & uncalled for. He doesn’t get that it was wrong.

Then he started getting all huffy with me. He tossed me down on the couch.
There is no joy in this Christmas. Only sorrow & pain. If he pulls anything else we are out of here. I will leave everything but my son behind. I will get everything clean & use his own words against him.

He wanted the clutter up. It will be up and put away.

All I know is that I will not live like this. I will not risk my son for anything. He says he will take him from me? Over my dead body will I leave my son alone with that abusive son of a bitch. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®


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