Long night, longer weekend

I haven’t updated in a bit. Sorry for that. The toddler has a cold which has been a little difficult.

It almost made the ass & I get into a huge fight last night. Something about crying at 2am. Then he smacked me on the head, but just barely.

On one hand he has been trying to be good on the other he is still a drunken piece of shit.

Wait last night he didn’t drink but was still kinda an ass. It was the night before we fought.

To night was an eye roller. Which means he told the same stupid story 5 or 6 different times. To me & every one else who would listen.

He told off a “giant” who came in & was getting crazy at his work. As he put it he got prison yard on his ass.

If he worked anywhere else he could have very easily gotten fired. Even there if the situation had been just a little different. …

So at least three 32’s & most of a 22 later he was trying to punk baby because he was smart enough to not want anything to do with him. Not quite 3 and he already runs from him when he’s drunk. Its so sad.

At least I’m working to get everything together. Gotta get my savings back up. (Christmas was a total bitch.) I’m also looking at some voice recorders and mini cameras. Don’t know if ill get another camera,but a good voice recorder is a must.

I will make sure he remembers why we left this time. I’ll make him regret saying he was recording me. I may get upset, but I don’t threaten or terrorize.

Ok time to get the little one in his bed. He’s sleeping with me on the couch at the moment. I’ll have to prop him up at an angle so he can breath. Wish me luck.

One thing I did do was make a New Year’s herb cleaner to help get rid of the negativity & bring the positive to us. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®


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