Today was alright. At least most of the day. While I’ll admit I wasn’t that productive it was alright. I got a few things done.

Things were ok for the beginning of the evening. But he wanted to drink so I knew it would suck eventually. What really pushed the night over the edge was when he called his daughter.

She lives with her mom & grandma. And when he called her gma started calling her every name in the book. Slut whore bitch…

He was shocked because he thought they were a nice perfect family. He bet his daughters upbringing on it because he agreed to stay away and let them raise her. Because of his past and his anger issues (which used to be worse if you can believe it).

So anyway he got really mad and started talking all kinds of shit. And talking all loud. One of the reasons he was mad was because he didn’t believe her. Didn’t believe when she said her gma was that way with her.

I did I know how mean family can be. Not that mine was so bad & we never really meant what was said. It was just blowing off steam. But words hurt, I think hitting hurts worse, but maybe in that way I’m tougher than most. Makes up for the lack of physically.

So then I was in the bathroom and he had to come in and pee he did it in the sink. I’m like totally grossed out even though I know that its sterile. And his is mostly water (or beer, is that possible?)

Then to round off the evening he tumbled around with the baby on the bed I’m always nervous when he does that. I never know when he’ll slip & hurt him. Whether on purpose or not …

Then as a final act he wanted the lap top so he could look at porn and jack off before going to sleep.

Is it wrong that I wish he’d do that more often? Yeah that’s better than actually having to have sex with him Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®


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