I’m afraid again. I’m afraid he is getting paranoid. I’m starting to get paranoid. I’m afraid he’ll find this I’m afraid he’ll figure out that I’m hiding things and hurt me.

I’m afraid he’ll realize I have books on abuse in my kindal. I’m afraid he’ll find the web sites I’ve visited.

Most of all I’m afraid he will see his high school letterman jacket. That he will see that a mouse chewed holes in the sleeve and he will blame me for it being on the ground on the closet & that he will beat me because of it.

I’m afraid I won’t leave him I’m afraid he will kill me while I sit here in this fear induced frozen mode. I’m afraid this will keep going I’m afraid of what he will do to our son.

I’m afraid he will realize that I really don’t like him. I’m afraid he will find out I want to leave an do something. I’m afraid. I’m starting to be afraid all the time.

I’m afraid ill end up like his grandma & step-mom. I’m afraid I’ll just stay with him and take the abuse. I’m afraid my son will be like them.

I don’t want to be afraid anymore.
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