So after the lecture about catholic sacrament, th starts on something else & I was like ok I’m drinking. I mean he got a 12 pack of some 6% beer, he can share right?

Oh, well I guess not. Cause not only did he bitch about me having one (he actually said buy your own beer. After I asked if he was kidding he grudgingly relented. ) He takes them all over to the only person who’s a worse alcoholic than him in the building. And he took my computer.

He talks a great game, but that’s all it is. Empty promises,moments of great clarity at times when he’s so drunk I don’t even know if he really remembers it the next day.

So funny that the only people who want to hang out with him are other bad alcoholics. I’ve tried , but I’m out. If he even tried it would be one thing, but he doesn’t even try to be a decent human.

He’s just like his dad an ass.
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