Overall a good day

Today had its ups & downs. Good day all and all, but frustrating because I didn’t get all I wanted done.

Dinner was great. My soda bread turned out fantastic. Ass of course drank and spent most of the night at a neighbors.

Had the gaul to come home & say he missed us, probably drunk enough to kill a small ox. He talked about getting sober. I’ll believe that when I see it. I don’t think that will be so great either.

Yeah I know, but I don’t wish for him to be sober, I wish for him to be a different person. Someone nice and caring and supportive. Sober will help, but he’ll still be a picky, grouchy, controlling perfectionist. He’ll still be an ass and I’ll get away with less plotting and sneaking of late bills and such.

We just aren’t what the other wants in a mate. Regardless of what he has talked himself to believing. Ok gonna try to get some couch sleep. Yeah he’s Passed out all over the bed again.

I had to pull one of the blankets out from under him. & take & pick him up from work today. Because of him sonny had to wake up early & get woke up from 2 different naps.

I really can’t stand that man. I try and I know somewhere in my soul that I’m being ungrateful. With everything he’s put me though I just have trouble caring. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®


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