F’n A

I can’t believe ass hole just borrowed my computer to go show our 60 year old neighbor you-porn.

I mean really? So very annoyed. The only up side to all of this is that with him spending his drunken evenings over there I don’t have to deal with him that much. He also stays in a better mood whole drunk.

Probably because this idiot actually want someone, even him to talk to. And he’s an even bigger drunk than ass hole. So better mood generally drunker, which is ok because he just comes home and passes out.

He took some of my change again. Some that I forgot to hide. Which reminds me better hiding places for everything. We gotta clean for a inspection. Not really a whole lot to worry about. Just a couple little things. All for now but I. Can see by the way the night is going that I’ll most likely recap later Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®


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