Tonight was so fucking bizarre I don’t even know where to start. It was pretty much bad from the start.

I guess the guys gave him a bad time about me being in such a bad mood this morning. Well if they had had that ass hole fucking with them all day they would have been pissed too.
And he didn’t wake me up the right way again. Do not wake me up 5 mins before you want to leave. Very bad idea. But he doesn’t listen, he doesn’t learn.

here is where it started. We watched ncis and during it, in the middle of his 3rd 32 he asked if he could go to the bathroom. I was like yeah. And he was like no not that, I want to watch this so I know what to say afterwards.

I didn’t get it till he also mumbled oh never mind. He was talking about doing what the accused in the show had done. He was talking about killing us.

That terrified me just because I never know what sick thoughts are going through his head. Was he just trying to get a reaction? And when he gets this drunk (I don’t know where or how but I think he had more alcohol than just the beers.) I don’t know maybe it was because of how fast he drank.

Anyway he stars talking really crazy. Like things that litterly make no since. Like out of no where he’ll say and then there was a seven. And I know I’m in trouble because I’ll try to understand and can’t. Then he’ll like ask a question or ask me to bring it to him. And I have to say what do you mean or I don’t understand. Then he gets pissed. Like I could hear the whole internal monolog going on in his brain.

He started saying he was done with sonny because he ran away from him and was generally staying away from him. Then the ass hole starts saying I’m done with all this and I hate this life. And he’s going to kick Sonny in the back if he runs from his. I got him out of the room & we went to play bubbles in the kitchen. At that point he said he wanted us to leave.

But I know that game if I tried to actually leave he’d hurt me. Then he started talking about how he was going to try & get custody because I was a failure as an adult. It was all calm at that point. I had Sonny up with me because that’s where we both wanted him to be.

Then he made me hug him because he said he was going to leave me. And that if I got custody that he was going to kill himself. The he started talking about how his friends were going to go after my family. This I pretty much know isn’t true because none of his friends would do that.

The reverse is probably more likely to be honest. He told me not to look at him. I didn’t I didn’t want to. He tried to get me to write his mom and tell her he didn’t want to have anything to do with her. This was something else that was brought on by ncis.

Then he t
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