Then he tried to get me to call his other baby mama and have her tell his daughter that she should stop talking to her. That she was screwed up in the head and didn’t want her putting strange ideas in a teenagers heard.

I did send any of them. I tried to talk him out of it then basically said I didn’t like sending messages when he was this drunk because it had helped me get my ass kicked one time (it was by him, it was the time that lead to us breaking up).

I think that started one of the before mentioned tirades. Probably the one where he started threatening people. After things calmed down for the 3rd or 4th time, he said was I going to screw him over because everyone screwed him over. After a little more soothing he came over and played with the baby.

I told him I had changed everything to try and make thins work. I cooked and cleaned and never went out anymore. (Basically had given up everything that made me happy to do a bunch of stuff I hate. ) I told him this (pointed to myself and the baby who at the time had his head on him) was his to fuck up this was his to lose. He was the one who could save it or fuck it up.

Its mostly true. I might be able to live with all this if he wasn’t so psycho. I don’t really like his views or thought patterns, but if he was nice I could probably live with him. Maybe even love him again.

So he says maybe we should talk about it tomorrow and that maybe he should go to rehab. I agreed. Then he kissed me we said out I love you’s and he got up to go to bed. But he came back out. He tried to get me to go with him he wanted sex. I started shaking. Before the matter got pressed he thankfully passed out.

He was upset tonight by a few things, the guys asking if he’d hit me was that why I was so pissed this morning and then all of them thinking I was a bitch. At least that’s what he said I don’t know what to believe that comes out of his mouth.

And he thinks that his friend he’s been drinking with had been taken to be tricked into going to rehab again. He left some stuff at his house.

Other than that he’s just an ass. Did I mention the hell that was last night? Besides driving me stress crazy because the tire was flat. He ridiculed my plan to lose weight. Saying I never would because I’m not a fighter. That I hated all the ways to lose weight just because I don’t like the sun or walking in it or bike riding.

It really got to me because he’s damn near beaten the fight out of me. Quite literally.

Like I said its his game to lose. He can change or he can lose us. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®


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