He drank tonight for the 1st time in two days. It was pretty hellish. It was ok till he came home for the night and started being an ass.

Sonny as any young child , doesn’t always say I love you or come kiss him. Ass hole has big issues with that when he’s shit faced.

So he started making like he was going to hit him. He wasn’t! But I still didn’t like him doing it. then said some crap to him like I hate you go away then I’ll punch you. That was at the border of what I could take. I was just pushed too far.

So I said you punch him we’re over. Mistake that set about a tyrate of telling me to leave at first with the baby then without. Then he started with the whole my family will take him away from you shit.

Then he started with calling the cops. I was like do you really think they will pick you over me? He said they will if you hit me. I said I wasn’t going to. He was like I will, i’ll make you.

Sometimes I think he does just try to break me. But he can’t, not really. He’d kill me before he’d break me. He is too transparent, pathetic, desperate. lol

Mentally I’m so much stronger, I have so much more insight to people and the things that matter. He can only pretend. It reminds me of the movie American Psycho. Where he is thinking to himself about being normal, how to appear normal to others.

That’s how ass hole is, just pretending. Hoping people don’t figure him out. But he’s not that good. People don’t want to hang out with him because he gets violent and crazy acting and starts saying off the wall shit.

Upstanding people don’t want anything to do with him. And he is a nark, snitch, bitch. I don’t claim not to be a teller, but compared to him, hell I’m a down ass bitch.

He’ll put his arm around you and be reaching for the knife to stab in your heart with the other.

Ok I’m done for now got a big day tomorrow and I’m tired as hell. Just hope I can sleep


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