Fed up

So sick of his shit. I got “kicked” out of the bedroom because Sonny wasn’t ready to go to bed.

Then he also tries to get the baby away from me. I’m not sure if its to scare me or a “see he likes me better” kind of thing. So damn juvenile. He does these little things to try and get to me.

It used to work, but its gotten so old it doesn’t anymore.

Strange situation today. I was shopping & saw the guy I have a little crush on. Its totally harmless, it just makes me feel good.

Anyway he works with someone that Ass Hole knows. This guy(that ass knows (we will call him B ) is also pretty good friends with some one ass works with.

Makes me a little nervous. But wasn’t worried till today. So I see B at work he says he was by ass’s work to see the other friend. But he was looking at me funny when he said it.

Not sure if it was because the guy he went to see is now tweaking or if it was something else.

Just hating all this. I guess that’s all I want to get into now. Having to put this in by phone so much slower than typing.


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