Tonight Was baD

He got drunk, he wanted to have sex & got pissed when SoNny wouldn’t go to sleep. After a few trials & tribulations Sonny laughed. I was reading & singing to him trying to get him to sleep. Not that I wanted to have sex with the smelly bastard.

Asshole freaked out & stormed in. I tried to block him but he got around me and hit Sonny in the leg &knee a couple times. It hurt him I know it did. As soon as Sonny cried he backed oFf and I pushed him out.

Sonny is ok but his knee was still sore 15 mins later as he was going to sleep. For at least 5 mins Asshole was spouting off about either we moved or Sonny went to an orphanage.

I think this might really be it. I won’t have him hitting my baby. -‘m going To try & talk to him tomorrow. But This is where I draw the line. Fuck this bastard. Doesn’t he realize he could be taken from both of us for this? what the fuck is wrong with him. All over sex, makes me not want to ever touch him again. Not that I did before. Asshole the only person who could make A nympho hate sex. FML

I hate him. Deep down I don’t think its love anymore, I think its hate


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