Tonight and today sucked. I’ve been in hell for 2 days. Yesterday he just got really drunk at his friends and I had to go over there. Then bring him home. He was mean but not bad.

Tonight he was bad. He almost hit me he threatened me. He told me to get my stuff and leave without Sonny. He said he was going to call the cops and knock his head into the counter.

He just flipped out after I gave him and the baby dinner.

I guess it was because I said another nail in the coffin. And because I didn’t let him play his I’ll help you with dishes game at his work.

I’m calling him on his shit. I’m not covering for him. He said he was scared he lose me. I said I needed him to be nice to me. That he was so mean.

We had sex and he got up after & came to the front room (which I hate). He said something weird. After one of his “I love you” things he does. (Where he says I love you 20 times and you have to say it back, but don’t say it if he’s talking to sonny hell).

I said I love you & he said no you don’t but I’ll take it.


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