Stage red high alert

Things got really bad last night. I’m not sure where it turned. Actually I do. They went from him ranting about his job to ranting about how one of the bosses was racist to white people to the other one scamming the company and putting them out of business. Then he made threats about other people.

I told him I couldn’t take it. That is when he started on me. He threatened to call the cops. And that things were a mess and that they would take Sonny away.
I’m both too smart and too stupid. Smart enough to know what’s what and the best comeback, but too stupid to keep my mouth shut.

He made me go to the bed room and started talking shit about my family. Then said to take my clothes off. I ran out of the room and he dragged me back. He through me on the bed and hit me. He choked me sliPped away or he let me go I can’t remember. This happened again one or two times.

I know my cheeks are sore, my nose is sore and neck. That was from struggling when he was trying to either choke or suffercate me. He said he was just trying to scare me. Because if he wanted me dead I would be.

I almost left last night. But by the time I started getting things together I was afraid he’d wake up. I didn’t know what he would do if he caught me trying to leave. Off course we’d made nice by then.


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