Getting real

Tonight has been pretty bad. He was gone fishing most of the night, so you’d think things would be good. But he got hella drunk and started fucking with me.

I’ve gotta get out of here. I don’t know where I’m going to go but its more than time.

So besides generally messing with me he decides he wants to have sex. He is acting like he wants to do it regardless of if sonny is still up or even in the room.

Then he keeps saying you’re not supposed to say no. Yeah if I say no to sex I get hit. Yeah I’d say its time to go.

So we are screwing around. He can’t really get it up or keep it up. So he’s eating pussy a lot. And weird he started calling it a cunt. I don’t really care just weird. Like he’s trying to insult me or some shit.

Anyway at another point he’s got me on the floor and eating away. He starts digging his top teeth into my clit. (This is the female equivalent of teeth on head of dick)

Reflexively I push him off. Saying pretty loudly ouwww. He was like what your teeth were digging in Him: you just hurt my neck
Me: you just hurt my pussy

He started at it again then stopped, rolled over and said I hate you. You’re probably going to die. I didn’t say anything and laid very still.

He said don’t say anything or I will kill you. He knows very well that I’m afraid he’s going to kill me. All words, all of them with the possibility of being all too real.

What happens now is that I clear shit out. I call back housing offices even if they are places I don’t want to live.

Stuff goes to friends and moms. I get things to the point I can leave at a drop of a hat.

I find the places to go and I’m ready. I’m finally ready to leave.


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