To night has really sucked ass. Actually, it was only a small time that sucked. Asshole was gone most of the night, but I was on call to pick him up, I’d hoped that he’d pass out there but he didn’t.

When I got there I thinly every thing was ok, but to be honest I’m not sure. there was some romantic song on the radio and I turned it, mostly because I knew he’d start singing it & that bugs the hell out of me (have I ever told you about the time in a bottle bj? LOL)

Anyway then some leaving song came. On that station & I turn that. I said that was annoying, & that’s when it started. He started talking about how he had $$$ saved up and he was going to take sunny from me. Because is been acting crazy. I got really scarred, I was afraid he was going to hit me while we were driving.

Then when we got home he started on the whole you don’t even like me thing. Sometimes I wonder if he has spies or something. Then I started making the bed on the floor. Because night before last he pissed the bed again.

He started going off about oh now we have these you don’t want to sleep w/ me. I was like what do you mean I slept with you last night.

So he layed down, sonny was on running around on the couch over his head. Asshole said take him and leave or I’m going to kill you. I was confused for a second, I was afraid if I did go for sonny that ass would try to hurt me, until he said yank him off there. So I got him & took him to the bed room to read a couple books. When we were sure ass was asleep we came back out.

I’m so scared that he is going to hurt one of us. He is always doing something mean to sonny. He said if he didn’t do something tonight he was going to beat him. (can’t remember what it was)

He kept trying to trip him in the hall and he smacked the little guy in the elevator because sonny had playfully smacked him. I’m afraid. It’s getting bad again. And I don’t know how to make things better.

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