Another day in hell

A really shitty day. I was raped about 12 yrs ago give is take. Asshole has real issues with that, he wants to kill the guy or at least beat him up.

I let it slip today bj my after hitting fog that if I/we moved moved is never come up this street again. He asked why I said because of the high school, that incident and all the ones with him. All on the same street.

That had the topic coming up over and over. Fu.ny thing though it means nothing to me now. And compared to what that asshole has put me through it is nothing.

One person does something shitty once. Big fucking deal, he’s done the same to me at least once a week for at least the last 6 months. Sex or the threat (or in asshole case) the promises violence if turned down.

Not to mention the mental and physical abuse not related to sex.

We did talk a bit about getting on the same page about sonny and how his hitting was detrimental to the boy. I really gotta figure out how to get out of here. I gotta figure out a way to make him understand this isn’t healthy for any of us.

I hate him for changing me they he has I hate myself more for letting this happen. He says misses me all the time. He means the old me, the one beneath to death a long time ago. The person who really didst understand what fear was.

I was never really afraid until asshole hit me. Then I knew fear,I knew it in a way that I hope no one I love everhas to know it.

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One response to “Another day in hell

  1. Get OUT OF THERE!! Before he kills you. Find a Shelter for Abused Women. They will get you to safety. You deserve to be treated with LOVE not Hate! *concerned*

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