Life sucks

So I’m checking in. Let’s see we got in a fight today that led me to crying for about 30 mins. It started with Sonny I guess. No that’s when he thought it started. I had been pissed off at him since we started getting ready to leave. Irate doing anything with him because he makes everything unpleasant. I’m either getting yelled attorney my driving or yelled at because of something I’ve said. Or for normal reason at all. You know like I don’t like something he likes or likes something he doesn’t.

So he first questioned me about my plastic bag purse yeah I’m in a transitional period with bags. Then he went on to say people get messed with de thaT all the time. I was like weird, I’ve never had an issue with it. (maybe because I’m not a peice of hit like the rest of you people. little things he crept saying. I kept wanting to take my keys & stab him in the jugular. That’s how pissed off he had me.

When we come home things just get worse. We got in some fight on the way home. I cant remember,wait it was before we left the store.

So there was just l I don’t remember what it was but be told me we were putting some stuff back and selling the car. Oh he was pitching about the app on my phone that is a price svamner, then he got mad when I tried to help him scan stuff. I had to walk away because I was ready to kill him.

So that’s why he got mad because I got mad about anything.

Once we got home sonny came into the kitchen where I was washing dishes and Ass was starting to cook lunch. I asked him nicely to go on the other room a couple of times, he wouldn’t go. Asshole smacked him in the leg with a flipper. It was a stinging hit. I rushed off to check on sonny. He came in. We started fighting about parenting styles. That led to my getting slapped on the side of my stomach. When I madea noise he drew back like he washing to hit me harder & I squealed like someone who’d seen a mouse. That’s when he grabbed me by the hair drug me down and I think hit my head. Hedidnt so anything else much. Just made sonny & I stay in the bedroom for a while. He did tell me to get out of the house, barefoot . Nothing life threatening though, so I guess its not so bad. Oh yeah he did that too. He said needed to shut up and bequest because breast so mad e was about to risk a life sentence and kill me. That was after letting go of my hair, nut i was still huddled down.

So yeah thoughts of staying are pretty much gone. Yeah he makes all these plans for the future. It makes me really sad.


One response to “Life sucks

  1. LEAVE that stupid idiot!! Why do you continue to stay? You are risking the life of your child and you too! Get outta there before it’s too late!

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