Oh fuck

Just when things seem ok he hits me again. He threatened me and my family. He said he was going to kill himself. He said he hated this and didn’t want any of us in his life anymore. He said me he loved us. He said it would never work because I was afraid of him. And he wanted us out of the house.he said he wanted me to leave but if I took Sonny, he’d get him back via the law. He’d ask me things and then tel me to shut my mouth.

By the middle I was shaking. That was about when he hit me. I wasn’t covering quick enough this time and he got my cheek bone.I’m booing the ice is enough.

I wish to god I’d had my phone recording this one. It had been in the car.

He might have broke his hand. He prob should be at the hospital right now he said he wanted to go, but he passed out first.

At least it wasn’t that bad this time. he only hit me once or twice. And Sonny was asleep

Funny thing I did a tarot card reading today. It tried to warn me . I know that sound nuts. But the devil, death and the tower of destruction all showed up in the one readingI’ve got to get away from him.


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