Up & down

It was a strange day. Things started off kinda tense. Asshole lost his id. I spent some time looking for his wallet yesterday. I found it, but the id (which is what he’d been looking) wasn’t in it.

So most of the first two hours of my day were spent looking for the id. I was afraid either Sonny or I had done some thing with it.

We didn’t, his dumb ass didn’t look in the front pockets of his pants he’d only looked the back. lol

Of it was like a win win win for me. I didn’t lose it, I found it and he looked like an idiot. It was one of the greatest moments I’ve had in years.

That fact & how pathetic it its will be the subject of a whole different post lol.

So then we decide to go on a little drive looking for new places to bbq. Yeah on weekends we bbq a lot. Sometimes its nice, other time not so much. Usually it’s a mix some good some bad. I usually get yelled at, at least once.

Anyway we go to this one spot near our house I acted like I’d only been there once our twice and mentioned some family. Which was true. But I left out that I’d also been there with two of my ex’s. Yeah that may have pissed him off, or least gotten the slut conversation.

This from the guy who had slept with almost everyone in his age range in our town. lol

we will call these two guys 1&5 . Don’t ask where 5 came from, but it works. I actual had a picnic with 5 there. It was on the side of the hill, below the road. We had sex on that trip, but don’t worry you couldn’t see is from the road. Not that that road gets much traffic.

Then the next place we go, also reminded me of a couple ex’s. 1 again, we had sex on this huge hill there. Some one could have caught us on that one. But I had a very long jacket on that covered everything.

The other, we can call him bob had taken me to the picnic area to break up with me. Yeah. I actually had asked him at the time, "why would you bring me way out here to do this? Was it so we could enjoy that long akward ride home? WTF man?

I’ve actually been talking to him a little bit recently.

so then we go to spot# three. We parked in front of one of my ex’s old houses because that was the only parking near that entrance.

This is the guy I’ve actually written a lot about in here. My unicorn. The one I could touch but never capture. He was the one that I fell in live with while I was seeing one of his best friends.

It all happened in that house. That was where I realized I was in love with him. I think out was the forrest place we’d had sex. But thinking back I’m not completely site about that. …
That was the park that i-d went to when I’d missed him, but couldn’t see him because he was mad at me.

Then there was the of there entrance, which if mentioned earlier. 1 and I had sex there a couple of times. One of them we were busted by the cops. It was pouring down rain though so they just ran us off.

ah the memories…of course foot obvious reasons I kept all this to myself… I was just thinking if how funny out was that he had inadvertently taken me on a trip down ex memory lane lol.

And then we


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